We are an English speaking, INTER-denominational church family

We are from all over the world
with well over 50 nationalities represented every Sunday

We speak different languages
although our church services are held in English

We represent different cultures
which we celebrate as part of God's creativity

We have varying theological perspectives
but share a common love for Jesus Christ and find our unity in Him

We are mobile
almost none of us were born here, and few of us will stay for long but this is our home while we are here

We are missing
Geneva is a long way from those we love and many parts of ‘normal’ life are missing, so we depend on each other

Photo courtesy  MConcepts .

Photo courtesy MConcepts.

We have a vision

God has brought us here for a reason: to receive the love of Jesus Christ and to reflect it to a growing number of people

And so, no matter who you are or where you’re from, we would love you to be part of this vision for your time in this area: come and join our church family here at Crossroads Ferney or at our sister church Crossroads Thoiry.