Our heart's desire and vision as a church is  

"To see a growing number of people receive and reflect the love of Jesus Christ"

Crossroads Ferney is led by a team of between 3-12 elders elected by members of the congregation who have taken up formal membership. Elders serve for 2 year terms renewable up to 6 years. They meet twice monthly, once to pray together and once to conduct church business always in line with our statement of faith set out below.

We are pleased to introduce you to the current members of the Elder Board:

Elizabeth Gachuiri.jpeg

Elizabeth Gachuiri

Elizabeth is serving her sixth year as an Elder in the position of President. Elizabeth is from Kenya originally but has lived and worked in this area for many years. She is the also the leader of BridgeBuilders, the women’s ministry at Crossroads Ferney. Contact

Bonapas Onguglo.jpg

Bonapas Onguglo

Bonapas rejoined the elder board in 2016 and is serving as Vice-President. He and his wife Paula are among the longest attending members of our congregation. He co-leads the men’s ministry (“X men”) with fellow elder and Pacific Islander Temo Waqanivalu. Contact

Alan Mackenzie.jpg

Alan Mackenzie

Alan is in his final year of six as an Elder, and is serving as the Association Secretary. He and his wife Sheena have been at Crossroads Ferney almost as long as Bonapas! He is a Swiss Yorkshireman and works with Connie on the Children’s Ministry Vision Team.


Amar Breckenridge

Amar grew up in the Geneva area (his parents having moved here from Sri Lanka) and is now, in turn, bringing up his own children here along with wife Jen, after time studying in the UK and working in Australia. He joined the elders in 2016 and is currently the Treasurer. He has a passion for Mission - serving on the Committee.

Mercy Ahun.jpeg

Mercy Ahun

Mercy is in her fifth year as an elder - of which 2 were served with our sister church Crossroads Thoiry. Mercy is from Ghana originally but in true Crossroads style, her work and the lives of her grown up family take her around the world on a frequent basis. She is a core member of the Stewarding team on Sunday mornings.

Sheila Anazonwu.jpeg

Sheila Anazonwu

Sheila is in the final term of her eldership having served almost 6 years. She has roots in Nigeria and the UK, but is now a long-time resident of Ferney Voltaire. Sheila is a member of the team dealing with the church building move (due in the next 2 years), a member of the Mission Committee and also partners with Amar and James running the Christianity Explored course.

Temo Waqanivalu.jpg

Temo Waqanivalu

Temo is in his second year as an elder at Crossroads Ferney; he moved here from Fiji in 2014 with his wife Salote and their younger children. He is a leader in the men’s ministry and a regular member of the worship team, and, most importantly, a new Grandfather.

Statement of Faith

The church believes in the truths of the traditional, historical and biblical Christian faith. We believe that:- 

·      The Bible, Word of God, is the ultimate authority for the Christian faith and the Christian life.

·      God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. He has revealed Himself to be perfect love, holiness and justice. He is the creator of all things.

·      Jesus Christ is the eternal unique Son of God. As true God and true man He was born of a virgin. He was without sin and was raised bodily from the dead and was seen by many witnesses after His resurrection. He has returned to heaven to prepare a place for us in the house of the Father.

·      Men and women were created in the image of God, were tempted by Satan and have rebelled against God. Men and women are now fallen in nature and evidence their sinful nature by committing sinful acts.

·      By repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, we are justified by God and reconciled to Him. We can experience forgiveness of our sins, spiritual rebirth, our adoption as God’s children and the gift of the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of our future resurrection and inheritance with Christ.

·      By the Holy Spirit, who indwells every Christian, we can experience a progressive liberation from the bondage of sin, although we will never achieve perfection in this life.

·      The believer has, through Christ, authority over the powers of darkness directed by Satan, the prince of this world. We exercise this power as we progress to spiritual maturity in Christ.

·      The church is the living body of Christ on earth. Jesus Christ is supreme ruler and source of life of the church. This body is made up of all those who have received Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

·      Jesus Christ will return to earth to resurrect the dead, judge the world and consummate His heavenly kingdom. This is the hope of the church and its encouragement for its ministry. All who are spiritually reborn shall live forever with Him.